Here at Beadlejuice, I make lampwork glass beads and jewelry. This new adventure started in October 2009 when I was looking for something new and exciting to do. I took a class at Tiffany Glass house in Calgary and loved it. I couldn't wait to go back.

I make a glass bead by melting a rod of glass onto a metal rod called a mandrel. I form it using gravity, tools and presses until I get it into the shape I want. I then decorate it using more glass and more tools. Once I am happy with the final product, the bead is placed in a kiln to be annealed. This process makes the bead stronger and more resistant to breakage. The hardest part is waiting for the annealing process and the beads cooling down enough to admire them. A simple bead can take me a couple of minutes to make. A more complex bead can take half an hour to make. My favorite beads to make are the critters.
All pictures you see here are examples of past work that may have been sold.  I am happy to replicate any of my previous work but there will be a slight variation in the shape and design.

So please, enjoy taking a peek at my labours of love

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